The "Big VaPOR" Industry

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Welcome to Big Vapor!

Big Vapor is committed to bringing you the most up to date information in regards to the electronic cigarette industry, raising awareness about the benefits of vaping, and aiding with the dismissal of deceitful propaganda that is so dangerously prevalent in social media that may discourage a smoker from switching to a much safer alternative.


The official #NOTBlowingSmoke campaign now has their first official "commercial" targeting the ill-fated #STILLBlowingSmoke campaign. It cost exactly $0 of taxpayer money and very tactfully mimics the awkward presentation of the California Department of Public Health's anti-ecig propaganda.

The Face of "Big Vapor" Revealed!

Who is "Big Vapor"?

Many would have you believe that the faces behind the electronic cigarette industry are men and women in suits driving fancy cars and getting paid to advocate a wild new product to hook a "new generation of nicotine addicts" by Big Tobacco. The truth cannot be further from that statement. This guy here. He is a face of "Big Vapor", a late 20's man with two kids. He doesn't drive a fancy car. He doesn't get cut a check from Big Tobacco. He doesn't slip on an expensive suit every morning and go lobbying on behalf of tobacco companies. He's just an average guy. He wakes up, shuttles his kids off to daycare, and works in the fast food industry all day.

This guy here is an advocate for electronic cigarettes because they saved his life. He went from 2 1/2 packs a day (almost $3900 a year) to zero, literally overnight, when he switched to using an electronic cigarette. Because of electronic cigarettes, he isn't doomed to an end-life of hospital visits and heart attacks like his father and grandmother (who passed away in 2010 due to lung cancer caused by a 2 pack a day habit for 50 years). He has a chance to live long enough to see his kids (and eventually grandchildren) grow up and get married - and if he's lucky - see his great grandchildren!

So, when someone tells you that the electronic cigarette industry is run by the likes of RJ Reynolds, Phillip Morris USA, and Imperial Tobacco - do your own research. Most vapers (people who use electronic cigarettes) want nothing to do with the tobacco industry. They view Big Tobacco as a bully trying to snuff out all but their own vaping products in order to completely dominate the electronic cigarette market. Big Tobacco owns only 5 of the thousands of different electronic cigarette devices.

If those set against "Big Vapor" have their way (the FDA, Public Health, Big Tobacco, and Pharmaceutical Companies), the only devices you will be able to buy and use are owned by - you guessed it - Big Tobacco.

Big Vapor is not Big Tobacco.

Big Vapor is this guy, and people like him. Normal people who are sick and tired of deceitful propaganda and out right lies by those who are supposed to be looking out for their best interest. People who will not give up on their right to effective harm reduction without a fight. People who understand that losing this battle could cost hundreds of thousands of lives in the next 10, 20, or 30 years.


Michael "510" Nance


Father of 2,

Vape Advocate

Social Media


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