The "Big VaPOR" Industry

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Research & Resources

CASAA's 8 E-Cigarette Myth's Debunked
CASAA debunks 8 common e-cigarette myths. This is a PDF file.

Clive Bates' 2015 Vape Briefing
The 2015 Vape Briefing by Clive Bates that has tons of useful information
regarding electronic cigarettes, their percieved harms, the many studies, and
much more. This is a PDF file.

The Master Settlement Agreement
This is a PDF file containing a brief explaination of the MSA for those of you
who are unfamiliar with some of the specifics behind it.

Dr. Farsalinos' Independent Research On Electronic Cigarettes
This is the website of the foremost researcher in the field of electronic cigarettes.

#NotBlowingSmoke Campaign
Created by Stefan Didak, this campaign is a direct counter-attack to the
#stillblowingsmoke campaign being run by the California Department of
Public Health. It contains facts, not propaganda.

Clive Bates' "The Counterfactual" Blog
A blog by one of the most well known advocates of vaping. It contains
many links to research and other useful resources.

Advocacy Groups

American Vaping Association (AVA, Advocates)
The American Vaping Association is a nonprofit organization that advocates for
small- and medium-sized businesses in the rapidly growing vaping and electronic
cigarette industry. We are dedicated to educating the public and government officials
about financial and public health benefits offered by vapor products, which are
 battery-powered devices that heat a liquid nicotine or nicotine-free solution and
create an inhalable vapor.

Consumer Advocates For Smoke-Free Smoking Alternatives (CASAA, Consumers)
Their mission is to ensure the availability of effective, affordable and reduced harm
alternatives to smoking by increasing public awareness and education; to encourage
the testing and development of products to achieve acceptable safety standards
and reasonable regulation; and to promote the benefits of reduced harm alternatives.

Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA, Businesses)
Their long-term goal is the promotion of vapor products such as electronic cigarettes
as separate and distinct from tobacco. SFATA believes appropriate and proportionate
regulation is pivotal to the success of the industry. We support the implementation of
high quality standards of manufacturing and quality control and believe these standards
should form the basis of a reasonable regulatory scheme for vapor products.

The Vaping Militia (TVM, Vendor & Individual)
They are committed to protecting the rights and health of vapors by advocating
for safe public use of personal vaporizers. We strongly believe and promote peaceful and
professional activism/advocacy.